What is Educators.Network?

Educators.Network is a space and a place where educators come to be motivated about actionable steps about what's next. Whether you're staying in education or looking to pivot, it's important we come together to support one another.

How do you define "educator"?

It's simple. Anyone who's worked in education.

Is all your Learning LinkedIn content really free?

Yes! Let's be honest here... most of the information about how to optimize your profile or conduct a job search is out there for free already. What people need is guidance and a community.

We provide educational tools to provide guidance and build community, and we make our money by charging the folks who want to charge you money: corporations, career coaches, and credentialing agencies. 

How does Educators.Network make money?

From the beginning, we've set out to provide concrete, actionable content for educators. We want to help educators, but that's not how we make a living. 

Through sponsorships, exhibitors, vendors, consumer insights, and recruiting services, we can provide high-quality resources and events with little to no cost to educators. 

Does Educators.Network pay its volunteers and speakers?

Yes! When we charge money for ticketed events, we want you to know exactly where your money is going and who it's helping. While a small percent of the ticket covers the technical fees, the rest of the profit is split equally among volunteers and speakers.

What are these events like?

We'll have two types of events: pop-ups and the big ones. Our 1-hour pop-up events are free, but we use a lottery system for tickets because of limited space. In summer 2022, our main events will be ticketed around $40 (with discounts available) and last 3-4 hours with 400+ participants. 

Each event will have a motivational keynote, actionable workshops, and networking events you can't just record and watch later. Why? We'll be using Gather Town: a 32-bit virtual world.

Who's involved? Who's building this?

Educators.Network started with a social media campaign from Eric James Stephens, PhD in 2020. In March 2022, Eric started building a team.

The team has grown to six volunteers—all with experience in education and looking to pivot into industry. We're dedicated to helping others because we're in the same boat. Check out our Team page for more info on each volunteer!